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Posted by Sci-Fi - February 24th, 2011

i seriously watch 'dot dot dot' everyday... its that funny. whats even more funny is hjow people are seiously spell checking their reviews on that animation!

oh and my band release our first EP. if your wondering whats up with my flash work...it'll never get done unless someone volunteers to do the menu's and finish up the audio syncing...

Posted by Sci-Fi - November 16th, 2010

Hello everyone! This is Sci-Fi signing on to tell you that the sleepless project is now well alive again. and the voices i've already casted stay, except i need two more voice actors now.

I will need:
one female character to play the voice of Nira: a teen girl going insane(need a good one for this)
The following is the scene in which this character appears. she is the white haired girl towards the end of the scene
(pm me for the scene)

one Male character to play the role of Rion: an older male that is still very youthful.
The Following is the Scene in which He appears. he is the blond character

you can see him in the trailer for the series here:

or pm me for the scene in episode 2
(pm me for the scene)

forgive the slow speed of the scenes, theres no loading to them
if you'd like to use a script version of the lines, email me and i can send them, otherwise using the dialogue at the bottom of the animation is fine.
if interested please send auditions to Ultraartist100@aol.com and also reply to the thread

be sure to check out episode 1 of sleepless

Voice actors to call

Posted by Sci-Fi - August 15th, 2010

so like, my band has entered this really big battle of the bands competition and WE REALLY NEED people to go and vote for us on the website. can you imagine us getting famous, and telling the story on an interview. "it was all because of the newgrounds people" we'd say. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME LET ME LET ME, let me get what i wan this time...

go here to vote and vote on our band "the planet pluto". only fill out whats necessary! if we win we will owe it all to you guys!

oh and if you want to know what our band sounds like at least go here our band

Battle of the Bands

Posted by Sci-Fi - March 31st, 2010

SO omg...i should have been doing so much more, but between school and my band, animation kinda fell over the bridge. plus in my other free time i've been watching v's tight ass sci-fi show you should all check out, plus new season just started yesterday. SUPERNATURAL!!!! ahhhh yes. Breaking bad season 1, and 2. pretty good show there and i finally watched dexter season 4....and when spring break comes up, i;m planning to watch all of lost. blah

could you all do me a great kindness, and go check out my bands songs. we recorded them in my garage, but it came out ok. and please add us on myspace, or anywhere else

http://www.myspace.com/theplanetplutom usic

OH and you really have to check out our photos there, they tell a cool story

heres a picture i need a background for...

all the good shows on tv

Posted by Sci-Fi - March 7th, 2010

so i just finished watching all 12 pokemon movies... jeez.

i'm writing an update, cause i'm tired of my old news being on here.
so with 1 and a half scene left to animate, and most of the audio finished and inputed, sleepless ep 2 is finally, and seriously this time, almost done. i have some screen shots for the hell of it to show you from various scenes.








also, my good friend knocturn, is getting pretty popular in his own rights on DA. so why not check out his stuff!!!! http://ultraeast.deviantart.com/

sunrie has some stuff you may or may not have seen yet.

AAAAND have you seen this yet? its the shit

k love you bye bye.


Posted by Sci-Fi - September 13th, 2009

got a tablet pen, so i'm back to making sleepless. it was hard starting back, and i redid like i crap load of rethinking and editing for the beginning of the episode. oh and a slew of concept art. be ready to see a lot of extra's for epidode 2. its gonna be crazy. you should check some others sleepless based art too. like this one

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/dar kittys/raesha-for-sci-fi

i love her version of raesha. also check out

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kno cturne/ascent-into-megalomania

its a commision for Ascent

if you havent watched sleepless yet, please do, and check out the trailer on my page, and extra's mite make your day a bit brighter.

if you like sleepless you should check out this guy...he owes me a commision 2 btw.

btw saw 9 this weekend. it was dissapointing. wish i would of saw gamer


Sleepless train, back on track

Posted by Sci-Fi - August 2nd, 2009

i lost my tablet pen!! officially. its been gone for 2 days. i was sick as shit the other day, and i just got done watching Old Boy, which is like THE saddest movie ever...mmm and i cant animate, and no ones here to play monster hunter with me so i'm bored as HELL. HELP ME

Posted by Sci-Fi - July 21st, 2009

so i uploaded sleepless right... http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
and well so far it has mixed reviews. it was like a 3.90 a bit ago, but now its falling.

first off. that file got so ridiculously out of hand. waiting on VO and all the little mistakes i wanted to fix. but i figured, i must have been watching it to many times. i got so tired of it, that i just threw it up without even fixing the scene selection and the loading screen thing. but you have to understand i went through crap to get this done!! i'm happy with it. ep 2 should be alot better. cleaner and more polished all together. lets hope people continue to tune in. o and also, sleepless trailer should be checked out. it has a whole scene that wont be in the episodes.

i know theres people that blam things for no good reason, but hopefully Sleepless can pull up by tomorrow. i uploaded it at a time when all the d-bags are on. should've hit my core audience around 5-ish. well its not all bad. maybe i can get a medal. that would make me feel a shit load better. we'll see by tomorrow

Posted by Sci-Fi - May 28th, 2009

Welcome to the first post, i, Sci-Fi have posted! so if you havent seen my sleepless trailer you should watch it, because ep 1 is done except the VO, and episode 2 is well on its way. ironically all the vo for that episode is pretty much done. i have great people to work with. besides that Team Eclipse is all inspired to finish up their works in progress as well, so your in for some spectacular arts!!! btw love line rocks, i just found out i can listen to it online! and olivia from G4 is on all week, which is just pffff great. hearing her talk about sex is just weird. the girlfriend calls! goodnight heres a pic for you

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