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Sleepless...the ups and the downs

Posted by Sci-Fi - July 21st, 2009

so i uploaded sleepless right... http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
and well so far it has mixed reviews. it was like a 3.90 a bit ago, but now its falling.

first off. that file got so ridiculously out of hand. waiting on VO and all the little mistakes i wanted to fix. but i figured, i must have been watching it to many times. i got so tired of it, that i just threw it up without even fixing the scene selection and the loading screen thing. but you have to understand i went through crap to get this done!! i'm happy with it. ep 2 should be alot better. cleaner and more polished all together. lets hope people continue to tune in. o and also, sleepless trailer should be checked out. it has a whole scene that wont be in the episodes.

i know theres people that blam things for no good reason, but hopefully Sleepless can pull up by tomorrow. i uploaded it at a time when all the d-bags are on. should've hit my core audience around 5-ish. well its not all bad. maybe i can get a medal. that would make me feel a shit load better. we'll see by tomorrow

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hey man, i really liked ur animation. we dont have enough serious quality animations being put up on ngs....its kinda a bummer...but u can definitely count on me followin ur series! i got a serious animation of my own comin out in about a week...its a pitty there are those blammers like that...o well..best a luck to ya!

pm whens its done man. i wanna check it out! and thanks for the support

It's in the blue (4.03) and climbing, man. As of now, the only thing beating you out for first place is a game, rated at 4.13.

I left a review and I'm impressed. The only thing I had an issue with was I was in the credits as "Sensei Sunrise" instead of just "Sunrie", but I can live with it :)

I will have the other clips done soon. I just haven't been happy with how they've been turning out. Everyone except for one person loved the voice acting (singled mine out specifically which pissed me off to no end, but I think I gave them a bad review on something or on the BBS).

I understand about "suffering" to get the files done. My Game Ranger series in particular has given me issue after issue, but I think I finally have things under control for future episodes. Other projects take forever just to get simple scenes done, too.

I think the best time to upload animations is around 7PM EST.

That's all I have for this one. I can't wait to see episode 2. Oh, and I'm sure this will end up getting on the front page for scoring so well for the day. If not, you'll at least get an award!

we did it... again thanks for all your help Sunrie


hello to u too

Congratulations on Daily 3rd! It would have made front page and Daily 2nd if not for Johnny Utah uploading his The Transformer toon!

Congrats on daily 4h bro!

it was third and thanks :)

I would give you a medal! Ive seen it and I must say it has really exeeded my expetations. People should go out there and watch it!
Im not that big of an anime fan, but im sure alot of people who watch it will appreciate the anime style of it. Ive left you a review there.